“The main reason I’ve stayed a tenant at 15 Court Square for almost 20 years is the great location of the building. The amount of foot traffic that you can find downtown on any given day is hard to beat. Plus there is easy access to public transportation. I’ve never had patient tell me it was hard getting to my office.”

- Dr. Carlo Zelano – Owner, Court Square Chiropractic

“When we decided to open up our Boston office a few years ago we took a small office with Brickpoint Properties and got to work. After a few months things were going well for us and we were in the market for a larger space. Brickpoint was able to quickly find us a larger space in the building and our business didn’t skip a beat. We look forward to working with Brickpoint again as we continue to grow.”

- Craig Phillips – Principal, CoreData Research International

“As one of the longest standing tenants at 15 Court Square I have been very happy with the level of professionalism and service I’ve received over the years. Brickpoint Properties has always been fair and very easy to work with. As a commercial office tenant in downtown Boston through a number of real estate market cycles I have experienced plenty of highs and lows but have never had any reason to leave 15 Court Square.”

- Warren Miller, Esquire