Our Staff

The Beacon Village team is dedicated to providing a quality living experience to both new and current residents. The first priority of our staff is ensuring the safety and comfort of all of our residents.

Meet the members of our dedicated team below.

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Charlie Vozzella
Assistant Property Manager
Charlie joined the Beacon Village team back in 2011, when he started as seasonal help during his high school years. In 2020, Charlie came back in a Property Administrator role where his main tasks were coordinating projects with the maintenance team and scheduling outside vendors. After getting his degree in the property management field, Charlie returned to Brickpoint as Assistant Manager where he continues to grow with the company. Charlie enjoys free time with family, friends and his dog, Lucy!

Rene Fagone
Leasing Manager
Rene is a people-person so a career in customer service was a natural fit. In 2004, she joined Brickpoint Properties and began her career in property management. Rene quickly advanced to Leasing Manager at Beacon Village where she delivers excellent service at this fast-paced rental community.

Molly Morris
Property Administrator
Molly has been with the property since June of 2003 and joined with the leasing staff in December 2007. As Property Administrator for First Patriot Corp., she plays a key role in the operations of the property and works closely with the unit owners and the Board of Directors. On the leasing side, Molly’s duties include touring, rent collection, lease renewals, and a variety of other projects. Molly’s dedication to customer service is an asset to the property.

Paulette Henry
Leasing Agent
Paulette is the newest member of our leasing staff. After recently retiring she needed something to fill up her free time and joined the team on a weekend schedule. Paulette enjoys meeting people and is excited to work in the rental community at Beacon Village.

Carlos Caban
Carlos has been with the property since 2005, working for the cleaning contractor and then for the managing agent of the Cooperative. Brickpoint took on the management contract at the end of 2007 and at that time we were fortunate enough to have Carlos join our team. His knowledge, experience, dedication and professionalism has gained him deserved respect by all.

Al Calderon
Having 10+ years of experience, Al is our most senior maintenance technician.  His experience has formed him to become our renovations specialist, handling almost all of our major apartment renovations.  He is always looking forward to improving the apartment homes.

Michael Moore
Michael joined Brickpoint Properties in April of 2019. He is our licensed plumber and has been instrumental in maintaining the critical plumbing infrastructure at all Brickpoint communities. When emergencies arise, he can be counted on in a pinch to make repairs and keep operations running smoothly.

Carl Hoffman
Carl joined the Beacon Village team in August of 2019. Prior to joining the team, Carl worked for a general contracting company with a focus on managing and implementing residential remodeling. Carl’s skills in carpentry, flooring, drywall, and cabinetry are valuable assets to our team, especially with respects to apartment turnovers. Carl’s pride for his work is evident in every unit he prepares for our residents.

Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy joined the Beacon Village team in February 2020 as part of our newly formed grounds maintenance crew. His primary focus at the property will be landscaping and grounds upkeep as well as construction projects as needs arise. In his free time he enjoys fishing and maintaining his home gardens.

Pedro Lopez
Pedro joined the Beacon Village team in February 2020 as part of our newly formed grounds maintenance crew. His primary focus at the property will be landscaping and grounds upkeep as well as construction projects as needs arise. In his free time he enjoys playing music and cooking.

Christofer Tapia
Chris is our newest maintenance team member, joining us in November of 2020, to assist the maintenance staff where ever needed. He is a quick learner and was able to assist with daily maintenance requests and now has expanded to assisting with renovations. Christofer enjoys spending time with family and friends and his new baby girl.

Isander Plaza
Isander joined the team in August of 2020 He has a broad range of work experience from mechanical, maintenance and working in a hospital. He is a people person and excels in customer service, always going above and beyond as he really enjoys fixing things. Isander also enjoys barbecuing, listening to music and hanging out with family and friends.

David Alfonzo Munoz
David has been a tremendous asset to our team as he has loads of knowledge with electrical, plumbing, painting and finished carpentry. His primary responsibilities is unit turnovers and renovations. He takes pride in his work always striving for perfection. All are grateful that he joined our team in 2020.