“What you do speaks so loud I cannot hear what you say.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Better Way of Doing Business

  • Brickpoint Properties believes that human values can be equal to monetary considerations without compromising on either. This philosophy has led to a reputation as nonconformists in the real estate industry.
  • Brickpoint functions as a Team! Every employee is critical to our success.
  • Employees are encouraged to reach out to colleagues, peers, and all levels of management to seek advice, support, or help.

Leaders in Innovation

  • Longevity Discounts: Recognizing the high costs of turnover, Brickpoint Properties initiated a policy of longevity-based rent discounts. These discounts provide our tenants with lower rents and reduce our overall turnover rates.
  • Communication & Security: Understanding the importance of keeping in contact with our tenants and keeping them safe, Brickpoint relies upon:
    • Callmax: Automated communications software allowing for real time updates and notifications sent by phone, text, and email.
    • KeyTrak: Management system providing a secure method for issuing and controlling keys.
  • Sustainability: Brickpoint is proud of the environmentally-friendly practices, products, and services that we’ve implemented at our communites and in our offices, including:
    • Non-smoking initiative.
    • LED lighting.
    • Installation of high-performance, water saving fixtures, including low-flow shower heads, toilets and faucets.
    • Introduction of a document management system that substantially reduced our company-wide paper consumption.